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List names of Villages of Aitutaki Island, Cook Islands.

Western Side of Aitutaki,
Villages North to South
Eastern Side of Aitutaki,
Villages North to South
Amuri  (A-moo-ree) Vaipeka (Vai-pek-a)
Uraea  (Ou- ra-ear-a) Vaipae (Vai-pie)
Arutagna  (A-ra-tounge-a) Tautu (Ta-oo-too)
Nikaupara  (Nik a para)  

The villages I lived in were the port / CBD village of Arutanga, then Nikaupara Village south west Aitutaki, then Amuri Village.  Amuri is on the leward side of Aitutaki during the strong south east trade winds season which is also the tourist season and climatically the dry season.  Amuri has the least amount of mosquitoes in the "wet season"  On calm days in the wet season, the lagoon water near Amuri village is very clear. There's a small beach near "Black Rock" and further north there is good snorkelling towards the Amuri airport.

All Aitutaki villagers are friendly.  Take care when driving at night on village roads. My son Tai ended up in Aitutaki hospital after crashing into a drunk driving a motorbike at night without lights.

Villages on the eastern sunrise side of Aitutaki are more traditional. Cycling past village halls at sunset when it starts to cool off, is a good time to watch/hear cultural hula dancing practice.  Each Aitutak Village has at least one dance team which used to compete annually in the Nikaurara village hall early August.

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