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Map of Aitutaki Cook Islands

Road map of Aitutaki

This tourist holiday map of Aitutaki showing major roads, my photos, popular photos of Aitutaki and features of Aitutaki, is a guide to the tourst traveller to Aitutaki.  Holiday maps of Aitutak are available at most hotels and better guest houses. The maps of Aitutaki below are powered by Google.
If you need directions, Aitutakians are helpfull and know every part of Aitutaki.  Use the Google Map of Aitutaki below to zoom into maps of the Aitutaki lagoon and maps of Aitutaki's 15 islets (motus)

Interactive map of Aitutaki with Photos of Aitutaki Lagoon

There are lots of places to explore on Aitutaki such as the Chestnut Forest and Munga Pu
so it's a good idea to bring a map of Aitutaki showing roads and tourist attractions.

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If you've got a map of Aitutaki you want published on this Map of Aitutaki web page, contact Ben.


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