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Nearly all tourist travel to Aitutaki is by air. Unfortunately many travel agents overseas book tourist in for 2 days at Aitutaki and 5 in Rarotonga. No activity except going to Church is permitted on Sunday, so half a holiday on Aitutaki can be missing out on the best activities

Air New Zealand fly to Rarotonga and Air Rarotonga fly to Aitutaki.  At Christmas Islanders have booked charter flight from New Zealand.  International airlines to the Cook Islands come and go, so keep an eye out on new air services to Rarotonga from international departure cities.

A small percentage of travellers arrive at Aitutaki by yacht.  Yachts enter the Aitutaki passage and drop anchor near the sandbar, near the Arutanga wharf and wait for Cook Islands Customs / Immigration officers to clear their entry.

A small percentage of travellers arrive at Aitutaki's Arutanga harbour by interisland cargo trading boats.

More information about travel to Aitutaki coming soon.

"Airlines which fly to Aitutaki"  "Air Rarotonga" and occasional charter flights.

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