Land for sale on Aitutaki is limited to Cook Islanders. Unless you're a Cook Islander you can't buy land for sale in Aitutaki but you can long term lease land on Aitutaki.

Land ownership is passed down the family line. Land disputes are sometimes settled by visiting circuit court judeges.  Westerners (papa'a) married to Aitutakians use their partners land but don't own it.  Land laws on Aitutaki prevent owernship of land on Aitutaki by foreingers however I know of old examples of forieners leasing land on Aitutaki.

Foreigners seeking control of property on Aitutaki Cook Islands are advised to seek the advice of lawers in Rarotonga.  Even expatriate Aitutakians find it difficult to get family land passed to them from their Aitutakian family living in places like New Zealand.

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Property ownership on Aitutaki also is divided up to blocks of land on Aitutaki motus. When tourists set foot on the lagoon islets, they are on private property.

Foreign investment in private property needs majority of family members who own property on Aitutaki and its motus, to agree.  This was the case for resort property development on motu Akitua in the 1980's  Since then the resort has employed many Aitutakians and helped to keep Aitutakian culture alive with tourist hula dancing performances.

Property on the mainland of Aitutaki is divided by village bounderies.

Western Side of Aitutaki,
Villages North to South
Eastern Side of Aitutaki,
Villages North to South
Amuri  (A-moo-ree)Vaipeka (Vai-pek-a)
Uraea  (Ou- ra-ear-a)Vaipae (Vai-pie)
Arutagna  (A-ra-tounge-a)Tautu (Ta-oo-too)
Nikaupara  (Nik a para) 

Much of Aitutaki land has been surveyed but fast, thick jungle regrowth can easily over take surveyed property.

The reason why there are so many empty and unfinished properties on Aitutaki is because buildings stake more security in land tenure.  Many unoccupited houses are owned by expatriate Aitutakians in New Zealand and Australia.  Some families have been know to give properties which have been laying vacant for many years, to family members in need and resident on Aitutaki.


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