List of Things To Do on Aitutaki

    The BEST thing to do on Aitutaki is to go on an Aitutaki Lagoon Cruise. Go snorkelling in Aitutaki's beautiful lagoon or outside the reef. Book a boat cruise on the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

    1. The next best thing to do is go on another Aitutaki Lagoon Cruise to a different Aitutaki islet beaches such as the famous "One Foot Island" (islet = motu) where you can get your passport stamped to show off paradise islet visit permit
    2. Explore the islet your lagoon cruise boat travels to. You can go with others tourists on a big boat charter or charter a smaller, private boat cruise of the Aitutaki lagoon.
    3. Bring a camera to photograph the things you do on the Aitutaki Lagoon such as the fish and corals of the underwater world.
    4. Hula dancing at Island Nights after a Poloynesian feast of seafood and pigs.
      hula dancing Aitutaki
    5. Kiteboarding is a perfect thing to do on the Aitutaki lagoon because the barrier reef keeps waves out and lets the steady strong south east trade wind over flat lagoon water.
    6. Game fishing outside the Aitutaki lagoon in the Pacific Ocean. Visit the Aitutaki Game Fishing Club. Check out my world IGFA record, buy a drink, book game fishing with one of the club members there.
    7. Learn hula dancing. Attend a hula dancing team practice session in one of the many Aitutaki villages.
    8. Cycle round Aitutaki. If you can't cycle get a beautiful Aitutakian escort to drive you on a hire scooter.
    9. Scuba diving with Neil Mitchell's "Aitutaki SCUBA".
    10. Climb the highest hill on Aitutaki Mt Mungapu with your camera for views of the landscape and lagoon.
    11. Go to church to listen to harmonious choir singing. A blend of Polynesian / Missionary culture.
    12. Go again on Aitutaki Lagoon Cruise to a different Aitutaki islet beach.
    13. Visit Araura College. Make a donation to this Aitutaki high school. If you're a teacher phone the principal about what interesting topic you can be a guest teacher to the students. When I was head of the science department the school used to sing during assembly in a wonderful, cool thatched roofed assembly hall. The Araura college library would be happy to shelve that holiday book you've just finished reading on Aitutaki.
    14. Even if you're not into fishing or diving. Get your Aitutaki Lagoon cruise operator to take you OUTSIDE the barrier reef on a calm day with your camera to get a different view of Aitutaki extinct volcano sticking out of the Pacific Ocean.  From memory it was in the wonderful month of balmy November when whales swam under my yacht.
    15. Book a whale watching tour during the whale migration season as the whales swim near the Aitutaki reef.
      whale watching Aitutaki
    16. Have a massage. Polynesians are good at massaging especially with coconut oil.
    17. Sunbake at "Black Rock" beach in Amuri village.
    18.  Book a crab hunting tour at night.
    19. Go spear fishing. night spear fishing in the lagoon or day spear fishing outside the lagoon. Calm summer nights are best. Keep in mind "Ben's Law of Lagoon Turbidity". Google it.
    20. Watch a rugby union football match. It's Aitutaki's replacement for intervillage warfare; with the only difference is they don't eat the loosers any more. It's a hoot. Some of the excited mama's used to brown eye the opposition.
    21. Play tenis on most sporting fields in season after rugby season about August.
    22. Go on a historical sites tour of Aitutaki. Visit ancient Polynesian stones, at central south of Aitutaki island.
    23. Ride a pony.
    24. A must taste is deep fried breadfruit chips with salt and vinegar (or lemon juice). It's my favourite fruit which grows basketball size on very big trees.
    25. Go chicken hunting. Ask to hide while a local springs a trap. If you're a fast runner try catching a chicken with permission of Aitutakian owners.
    26. If you've got time and money and weather is right, charter a boat to Manuai island lagoon, owned by Aitutakians.

Written by travel writer Ben Grummels, autor of Things to do Perth

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