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Aitutaki Perth

Perth Australia

Aitutaki PerthBusiness directory of Perth Australia, Perth map, forums, calendar of events. There is a small but growing population of Aitutakians in Perth Western Austalia, many of which have joined the Cook Islands Community Association of Western Australia (WA). With New Zealand citizenship and NZ passports, Aitutakians have special freedom of entry to live an work in Perth Australia. They have the same social welfare rights as they would have in New Zealand. Many of the Aitutakians worked in Perth and Western Australia during the mining boom.

If you're an Aitutakian visiting Perth be sure to connect with Te Maeva Nui via their Facebook page at
If you know of an Aitutaki dance troup visiting Perth, I'd love to come and watch your performance. My favourite is the Aitutaki drum dance.


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Scarborough Beach Perth Australia
Scarborough Beach is the best beach of Perth Western Australia. It is home to Aitutakian Helen Teiva who knows everybody who matters at Scarborough Beach, including leading business executives. Helen hales from the Village of Vaipae which is also known as "Hollywood". If you're from Aitutaki, visiting Perth, I'm sure Helen would welcome you. Scarborough beach is on the east coast of the Indian Ocean. The water is clear and the white sandy beaches are as white and beautiful as the beaches of Aitutaki. The difference is that Aitutaki has natural shade from trees not far from the waterline and Scarborough Beach has surf and a lot more people in summer.

Google Holiday Map of Aitutaki

Interactive Google holiday map of the world showing Aitutaki's pin in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Zoom down to the villages of Aitutaki. The motus of Aitutaki on the barrier reef look great on Google map / satellite view. Visiting yachties should check out the channel which was blasted out of the reef by the Americans in WWII. This Google holiday map of Aitutaki is perfect for tourists who hire motor bikes on Aitutaki so that they can navigate Aitutaki roads around and across Aitutaki. Some of the islets of Aitutaki remind me of the islets off the coast of Krabi, Thailand.

Krabi Islands

Ao Nang, Railay Beach and islands of Krabi are in my opinion the best holiday destinations in Thailand. The beach at Ao Nang is OK and a convenient short walk from the main tourist holiday accommodation in Ao Nang town.  It's only a short long tail boat ride from Ao Nang to the Railay Beach and the beautiful beach on the famous islet of Koh Poda. From long tail boats on the beach of Koh Poda with a tall, slender krast (rock out crop) would be THE most photographed iconic photo of Thailand.  The price of boat trips to the islets are very cheap because all the long tail boats out of Ao Nang have Thai government controlled pricing.
Koh Poda, tropical islet in Thailand similar to the motus of Aitutaki
Photo of Koh Poda with tourist arriving by long tail boats. Photo by Ben Grummels, former resident of Aitutaki.

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Bali is home to Dave Falkner one of the directors of Aitutaki's Pacific Resort at Black Rock in the village of Amuri.

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Aitutaki Cook Islands